Student Leaders

PNHP Student Board Representatives:


Hyatt headshot (1)Andrew Hyatt
Boston University School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Andy Hyatt is a medical student at the Boston University School of Medicine, and one of the leaders of SNaHP’s Political Advocacy Team. He became involved in SNaHP after seeing the inadequacies of the Massachusetts reforms and the ACA affecting his patients’ health, especially the most sick and vulnerable. He also has an interest in housing policy and homelessness, and looks forward to the day when his patients will not have to worry about being denied needed care, pay their medical bills, or not being able to afford a safe, decent, and healthy home. Email:


Sydney Russell Leed
SUNY Upstate Medical University, Class of 2021

Sydney H. Russell Leed is an MD/MPH student at SUNY Upstate Medical University. She started the SUNY Upstate SNaHP chapter and now serves as one of their community liaisons, in addition to serving as the co-president of the SUNY Upstate Physicians for Human Rights chapter. She has been involved in political activism for eight years: interning for an IWW worker center, participating in Occupy Wall Street, community organizing in public housing, and now volunteering for the Campaign for New York Health. She is interested in psychiatry, criminal justice reform, and improving access to mental health care.  Email:


Augie LindmarkAugust Lindmark
University of Minnesota Medical School, Class of 2019

Augie Lindmark is a student at the University of Minnesota Medical School and has previously worked in health equity organizing with FACE AIDS, Partners In Health Engage, and Minnesota’s chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program.  Passionate about the intersection of advocacy and the right to health, he once rode a bicycle from San Francisco to Boston to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to raise funds for communities affected by HIV.  Augie received his B.A. in Biology from Luther College, and, with the guidance of some witty English professors and works by Anne Lamott, has since maintained a passion for writing.  Email:


Linda_Liu003Linda Liu
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Linda Liu is a medical student at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. She was previously a leader of Pritzker’s Students for a National Health Program chapter. Linda was raised in Canada and received a BS in Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Toronto. While in Canada, she helped write and release a paper advocating for maintaining federal funding escalators for Canadian Medicare. Through Linda’s personal and academic experiences with the Canadian single-payer health care system, she has been significantly motivated to advocate for a similarly efficient, equitable, and accessible universal health care system for all Americans. She also has an interest in racial justice and enjoys doing videography in her spare time. Email:


SahaAnand93Anand Saha
East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine, Class of 2019

Anand Saha is currently an MD/MPH candidate at East TN State University College of Medicine and University of Memphis School of Public Health. He co-founded the first SNaHP chapter in the South (today all five medical schools in his home state, TN, have a SNaHP chapter!). Anand’s research interests include management, evaluation, and policy of health systems and community-based primary care for vulnerable populations. He works closely with the Church Health Center, a safety net community clinic in Memphis, and sees healthcare reform as a civil rights issue and a necessity in mitigating the inaccessibility, inequity, and unaffordability in USA’s healthcare system. Before graduate school, Anand received his BS in Neuroscience and Urban Studies from Emory University and taught middle school Science in Atlanta, GA. Email:


10505321_10204530614889113_1490681028236163208_nBryant Shuey
University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Bryant Shuey is a medical student at the University of New Mexico and a co-founder of UNM SNaHP. Bryant believes transitioning to a nationalized health system is essential for removing the barriers of cost and access that most Americans face when looking for health care and that it is our duty as future health professionals to advocate for our patients needs by looking to health reform for solutions. Outside of medical school, Bryant is an avid water polo player and enjoys walking his dog Susie. Email:


Vanessa Van Doren
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Vanessa Van Doren is a medical student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a leader and co-founder of Case Western’s Students for a National Health Program chapter. She was the Health Policy Committee Leader for Case’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association and has held leadership positions in Case’s student chapters of Doctors for America, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, and White Coats 4 Black Lives. Vanessa received her BA in anthropology in 2007 from Brown University and worked as a genetics researcher for seven years before deciding to shift her focus to clinical medicine. She is very interested in coalition building, both among different health policy reform groups and between the single payer movement and other advocates for social justice and equality. Email:


Coalition Building Team Co-Chairs:


Nadine El-Ayache
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2019


Nithya Krishnan
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Class of 2018


James Lee
Mayo Medical School, Class of 2020


Education & Base Building Team Co-Chairs:


Ashley Duhon
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, Class of 2020

Ashley Duhon is a second-year medical student at LSUHSC School of Medicine in New Orleans and a founding member of her school’s SNaHP chapter. She has been active in advocacy for single payer at the state and local levels, and she believes that we are close to making improved Medicare for all a reality. Outside of her course work, she enjoys volunteering in the New Orleans community and is involved with research on interventions to prevent and reduce pediatric obesity among underserved populations. Ashley received her BS in Biology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, live music, and quality time spent outdoors on a hike. Email:


Kale Florey
A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2018


Anthony Spadaro
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Class of 2018


Political Advocacy Team Co-Chairs:


TaylorCoxTaylor Cox
East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine, Class of 2020

Taylor Cox is medical student at the East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine and a 2015 graduate of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Prior to starting medical school, he served as an Americorps Health Promoter in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood where he taught oral health, sexual health, and cooking classes. At ETSU, Taylor is a member of the Rural Primary Care Track and was president of the ETSU SNaHP chapter. He is passionate about the interface of politics and health care and is working to build political momentum to make single-payer health care a reality.


ThomasJacksonThomas Jackson
A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2018

Thomas Jackson is a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences student at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri. Upon graduation in May 2018, he will be pursuing a Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy at Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health in Philadelphia. Thomas joined ATSU’s SNaHP chapter in 2016 and subsequently served as its vice-president. His career goals involve shaping and implementing policy to improve health education, to promote equitable health care practices, and to advocate for an improved Medicare-for-all national health system. His advocacy efforts include phone banking to inform voters about single payer, calling legislators to urge them to support H.R. 676 and S. 1804, and presenting the contents of S. 1804 to the ATSU SNaHP chapter. Email:


Keanan McGonigle
Tulane School of Medicine, Class of 2019

Keanan McGonigle is a third-year medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a 2014 graduate of the University of Virginia and 2015 graduate of UVA’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. His health justice work began at UVA working with FACE AIDS, the Student Global AIDS Campaign, and the American Medical Student Association. At Tulane, Keanan helps run an HIV/HCV screening and connection to care program in his spare time between beating back Republican advances on Obamacare and pushing for the right to health for all. Keanan is jazzed that SNaHP is going to get even more elected officials publicly supporting single-payer in the very near future.


Michael Zingman, M.P.H.
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Class of 2020

Michael Zingman is a medical student at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, a board member of the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)-NY Metro Chapter, and a SNaHP member since 2014. He is also a co-leader of the Columbia P&S chapter of SNaHP. He believes that a single-payer system will go a long way towards health care justice and is excited to work with students nationwide to improve SNaHP’s political advocacy this upcoming year (a critical one in the movement for universal health care). Michael received his BA in biology in 2014 from Northwestern University and his MPH in epidemiology from the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. Email:


Media Team:


Frances Gill
Tulane University

Frances Gill is a medical student at Tulane University, where she’s enrolled in the dual degree MD/MPH program studying environmental health with a concentration in disaster management. Previously, she earned a Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in fiction writing from New York University. At Tulane, she has helped organize numerous health care advocacy demonstrations, phone banks, and letter writing campaigns with the Tulane chapter of the American Medical Student Association. She is also one of the founding members of the New Orleans chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.


Headshot1Katrina Herbst
Virginia Commonwealth University

Katrina Herbst is a medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and co-president of her school’s SNaHP chapter. A firm believer in the power of combined action, her priority in leadership is to find common ground with other student organizations to form a united front. In addition to advocating universal healthcare, Katrina has worked to improve health access for migrant farmworkers in rural Virginia and promotes comprehensive reproductive health education. Her clinical career will be community-based, with a focus on urban elderly. Her other interests include houseplants and rock-climbing.


August Lindmark
University of Minnesota Medical School, Class of 2019


JonathanMichels03Jonathan Michels
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Jonathan Michels is a freelance journalist, a healthcare worker and a premedical student based in Winston-Salem, NC. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2011, Jonathan embedded with social justice activists from around the state including participants in the Occupy Wall Street, marriage equality and Moral Monday movements. When Jonathan isn’t muckraking, he works as an x-ray tech in one of the largest community hospitals in the state. Caring for Winston-Salem’s poor and uninsured informed his belief that every person has a right to healthcare. As student of various Southern organizing movements for social change, it is Jonathan’s experience that fundamental social rights like universal access to healthcare have only been won through collective struggle. Email:


dixon_galvez_searleDixon Galvez-Searle
PNHP Communications Specialist

Dixon Galvez-Searle is a member of the national office staff of Physicians for a National Health Program, where his responsibilities include updating the PNHP website and social media accounts. Prior to joining PNHP, he spent nearly a decade in nonprofit communications, working on behalf of children in foster care, incarcerated women, and adult ESL learners. Dixon earned a B.A. in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago (2003) and subsequently wrote for and edited a trade magazine covering the industry. His interests include cycling, Tai Chi, and re-watching the first ten seasons of The Simpsons. Email: