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The PNHP Mentoring Program pairs medical and health professional students with experienced physicians, residents, and medical professionals. The goal of the program is to create a groundswell of single payer advocates in the medical community, while supporting new activists as they organize both in their schools and nationally for a single payer health system.

Why Participate?

CoatesHaasMentees have the outstanding opportunity to develop a professional relationship with some of the most prominent voices for single payer in the country. It is challenging to stand up for patients and advocate for a single payer system, but especially so in the medical community – Mentees will receive encouragement, guidance, and practical advice from seasoned veterans in the movement for single payer.

Mentors have the possibility of inspiring a new generation of single payer advocates. The mentoring program is an opportunity to engage in the movement in a new way, by investing time, knowledge, and encouragement in young leaders – the future of the health professional field. For more information, potential mentors are encouraged to check out our Guide to Single Payer Mentoring (Coming soon!).

Watch Dr. Richard Bruno, former student board member and PNHP mentor, discuss why he’s participating in the mentoring program here.


Mentees are current medical, pre-med, or health professional students who are official members of PNHP (membership is free for students, sign up here). Mentees are encouraged to consider participation if they are looking for guidance in their single payer advocacy. Ideal mentees will have a specific goal in mind that the mentor can help them with during the course of one semester or one academic year, such as organizing a student chapter, completing and publishing relevant research, or planning larger events such as lobby days or conferences.

Mentors must have an M.D. or D.O. from an accredited medical institution, or terminal degree in a related health professional field. Additionally, mentors must be current members of Physicians for a National Health Program, and ideally will have substantial experience advocating for single payer in some way (such as published research or writing, organizing, media work or lobbying).

What to Expect

Each mentoring pair is unique, and the nature of the relationship should be decided by the pairs themselves. The PNHP Mentoring Program will offer a suggested framework and timeline for the facilitation of the match and provide ongoing support for both mentors and mentees.

Once matched, the mentee should make contact with their mentor by phone, email or in person. The first meeting should focus on the pair getting to know each other and setting/refining goals. The National Organizer will be available to provide tools for facilitating the initial conversation, and it is strongly encouraged that the matched pair engage in conversation in some way at least monthly throughout the duration of the relationship. Ideally, the mentor will support the mentee as she or he tackles some challenge or objective (such as a research paper, student event, or other advocacy such as lobbying). At the end of the semester of academic year, both mentor and mentee will be asked to participate in an evaluation of the program.

To Apply:

Students may apply here.


Please contact the PNHP organizing team at